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Our Story

Our story dates back to 1984 when Kim Houska chose to launch his career in the insurance industry by representing one of the leading HMOs in southern California. This role exposed him to every facet of the industry, including an understanding of the employer’s perspective, an invaluable resource to Kim today. As well, Kim mastered the logistics behind medical underwriting and the factors that motivate carriers to produce competitive rates, the essential influencers that lead to successful negotiations.

After 10 years of representing the interest of the insurance companies, Kim concluded that quality representation was the exception, and not the rule. He then decided to offer his services directly to employers, and represent his own brokerage firm.

In 2000, Kim Houska founded Houska Insurance; a company built on integrity, knowledge and dedication to the utmost customer service.

In less than 3 years, his firm nearly tripled in size and continues to grow rapidly. Houska Insurance represents clients based in California, many with employees located throughout the United States.

It took nearly 30 years of industry experience to get where Houska is today. The solid, team-oriented structure, in which this company was built, is the extension that most companies find they are missing.