Our Core Values

We are defined by our core values. Everything we do can be found deeply rooted in these values.


We maintain an exemplary conduct, highest ethical standards, positive attitude, and deportment.


We do not leave you second-guessing what we are up to. Rather, your assigned account manager keeps you updated on all the happenings so that you can relax and focus on running your business.


All our business dealings and operations sparkle with the highest levels of integrity.


At Houska Insurance, we believe that no one is an island. No one stands alone. We work together towards the attainment of a common goal.


Your satisfaction is our priority. We work all round the clock until we deliver on our mandate and that you are satisfied with the quality of service delivered.


For Houska Insurance, excellence is an integral part of our plan to meet and exceed your expectations and regulator’s policy requirements.


Every team member showcases a commitment towards the firm’s mission and vision in order to deliver outstanding customer service.


We believe in continued skill enhancement. We ensure every member of the team has the right training and that there is a clear path for continued learning. This is in line with our commitment to provide superior service.

Our Passion

Our passion is to minimize risk for employers and maximize health for your employees. This fire burns deeply in us and challenges us to get you the best deals possible. We are passionate about what we do. We are on a mission to positively impact the corporate world and local communities at large.

Our Vision

We believe we have the moral obligation of minimizing risk and maximizing health through quality employee benefits brokerage services that are laced with unquestionable integrity.

We are bent towards keeping you in line with legal requirements as you get your employees the peace of mind they need to focus at work. Our services and resources are modelled along this concept, hence, we employ various tactics to be sure that we are creating value and having a real impact.


Who We Are

Houska Insurance is the leading full service employee benefit brokerage firm located in Manhattan Beach, California. We specialize in analyzing, designing, negotiating, implementing and servicing benefit programs for companies ranging from 2 to 5,000 employees.

Houska Insurance has a commitment to provide innovative and creative employee benefits agency services in all our business relationships. We are on a mission to help our clients have a peace of mind as they thrive and expand their businesses. We are on the frontline of protecting your employees, your most valuable business asset.

In order to meet your requirements and service objectives, we embrace open communication and collaboration both with our clients and business partners. This is done in an enabling environment where creativity is the order of the day.

We plan on striking a long-lasting relationship with you and this entails delivery of top-notch quality services. We believe that every business is unique, hence, we work towards providing customized quality solutions to each of our clients.

We have a professional team of dedicated and qualified experts who bring our core values to life every day. Within the firm, everyone is family and as you know, family always takes care of each other. It is this approach that has made us industry leaders and the go-to firm for all your employee benefits needs.


Message from The President

Being chosen as the trusted advisor each year is a tremendous reward for our team. It is an annual celebration, a new victory and a renewed sense of accomplishment. We want to play our role in the success of your organization, for it is how we achieve the reward that keeps us in this fascinating business. I know there is plenty of competition, I just do not believe anyone does it better than Houska Insurance.

Houska Insurance partners with clients to uncover core company objectives. We understand how to help our clients attract and maintain the most valuable business asset, their employees. Our business is dedicated to cultivating relationships and our commitment is evident through our decade-long relationship with clients.

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